C FFIOCE and resi once Hotel St, next door

to Belleville Business College,


H OMEOPATHIO Physician, Surgeon and Graduate of Pulte University

Aoooucheu’ of Mediciag, Ciacionati, Member Oolloge Phy sicians and Surgeons Ontario, Ollioe and rosi dence, Robertson Block, Front St, Hrignall & Thompson's store,

A. K. McOOLL, B. A, M. D., O. M. FFICE Front St , scoond dor above Buot Bridge, lately occupied by Dr. Ross. 75dimwly


ATTERSON Street, north of Court House, 2 279dklwy

JOHN J, FARLEY, M. D., O. M., M. R. O, S, England. FFIOE and Rosidence—corner of Bridge and George Stroota—three stroots cast of the Post Office, DR. B. E. MCKENZIE, B. A., EOTURER on Orthopedic Surgery in tho L Womon'’s Medioal Onloge and in Toronto, University ; Consulting Orthopedic Surgeon to Victoria Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Diseases of the Joints and Deformities only. Will visit Belloville yrotessionally, on Satur day, Ovt. 3rd, and may be consulted at Kyle House from 12 o'clock noon during the rest of the day.

LEGAL. YP Witbfan GKNEW, ARRISTR &, So ctor, &2, Bollevillo, Ont.

Orrice—Vic ois Blvck, cor Front and Hotel stree's. Money to Lan, P.O, Box 216,

~ W, OG, MIKEL, RRISTER, etc., Bridge St.’ Belleyille. 1 nO NE

es ———rer~

oe | OFGLYNN & CAMPBELL : ARRISTERS ete. Solicitors for Banking “House of E. D. O'Flynn. ¥FIGES Over Dominion Bank, Belleville, oO Over O'Flyno’s Mados,

F, E. O'F crey. W, H. PBELL. ~~ GUSS PORTER, ARRISTER, 8 licitor, Notary Publio, &o. B office aS Uoberteon Block, eaat side 0

Front Street. e@Private Mo to Loan, STid&wly

G, DENMARK, | Bt rai Solicitor, ec. Offa Front Street.

FRANOIS 8. WALLBRIDGE, (Successor to Hon. Lewis Wallbridge, Q. 0.) BAKRISTER, Solicitor, Oonyeyancer, Office, M building, corner Front and Bridge Streets, leville, Ont. Private and Oompany money to loan at 6 per cent., on eas: terms upon good land security, Obarges mod: orate, W. BK NORTHRUP, M. A, ARRISTER, Solicitor, &o. Offices : North Bridge St., between Front St. and Lewer

Money to loan—private and company funds, } J, ¥, WLLLS,


ARRISTER, Solicitor, Notary Publio, &e

Office, par] Front nd Campbell Strecta Ont, Money to loan, Oompany

private funds, Wd&

a =p Office, Thompson Belsyville, Money to loan—p oz the Trast and Loan Oompany of O

_ SHERRY & MAOAULAY ARRISTERS, Solicitors, Oonveyancer, Notaries Public, etc. Office next door to office of U. E. Them and Canadian Express Oo., Bridge Street, are Ont Gro, J, SHELBY, D, Macavurar. Private and company funda to loan at lowest rates of in’



Special attention paid to Hydraulics and Land Drainage. Patents obtained and Drawicgs made, Uffice—MoAnnany Bl: ck, under Ontario Business College, Front St, P.O, address— Box 208, Belleville,

OHAS, JOSE, Y Surgeon, Graduate Ontario Veterinary College, Member, Ontario Voterinary aah Offios and residence, Fox- boro, Ont. Oalls by mail or telegram promptly ttended to, Sid&wly


SSUER of Marriage Licenses, City and County Auctioneer, Prompt attention in

ll cases, Terms liberal, All orders left at he office of J. G, Vandusen will receive prompt ttention, Office, Centre Block, East Front Street Belleville, 20d3m


L. RK. 0. P., LR. 0.8. E,, Lecturer on the Eye, Ear and Phroat, Trinity Medical Oollege Toronto, aud Surgeon to the Meroer Eye and Ear Infirmary.

6 College Avenue, Toronto.

Dr. Ryerson will be at Qaeen's Hotel, Belle- ville, on Saturday, Oot, 3rd.


Toall who ato suffering from tho urrors and (nd iseretions of youth, nervous wonknoss, carly decay, lot: of madhoo!, &c., 1 will sond a recing that will cure yrai, PREE OF CITANGE. Thisgress rormody was discovered by s missionary in south btnerica. Bend a colfaddressod envelope % ths Bry. Jouere T. Ine sn, Stator ). New Fork Oty,

Mineral Waters.

St. Leon, Carlsbad, Fredrick- shall,{Hunyadi Janos, Buffalo Lithia.

——Fresh supply just to hand at the—— PHARMACY.


Ii diseases o the Nor

Cures Permanently joc, "syrtem, eitho: Acute or Chroalc. KXests reg @Palted Power

in either sox or Lowt Ghtecks all forme af Waste or drain ; makes strong the


Da NOT BH MISLHD.! I. Bull ia not going out of the piano business, but Is tamale adding to bis stock of first« lass planos and

us. which he still offers to hia frien la and the pub ; wost prices that first-class woods can lo bought for in Canada Thatking the public for their liberal patronage in the past and hoping to morit a fair share in the futuro, I am vory respootfully yours, i yodwomo H, BULL




Sick Headache and relieve all the troubles toes lent to a billions state of the system, snob as Dizziness, Nausea. Drowsine Distross aftor eating, Vain inshe Side, oe. While their most eomarkable success has been shown ip curing


lache, yet Canren’é Lrrrux Liven Pua lly v Juable in Constipation, curing vonting this annoying complaint, while

ect all disonlers of the stomach

acintmate tho liver and regula the bowels Evon if they only cured


Ache thoy would be almost priceless to thoes who suffer from this ulstrosslng complaint; but fortunately their goodness does pot omd here, and those who once try them wil find these little pills valuable In so many ways thas they will not be willing to do without ther. Hout after all sick head


ty the bane c_ .o many lives that hero fs whore ae make our great boast, Our pills cure it while others do not

Canren’s Liven Liven Pits are very small and vory casy to take, Ono or two pills make a dow. Thoy are strictly vegetable and do Sot gripe or purge, but by their geatle action please all who uso them. In vials at 25 cents; Sve for $1. Sold everywhere, or sent by malik


. L] Small PUL Small Dose, Small Briss = ARE NoTa gativo M cing, Thoy aroa BLoop Burwpszn, Tonic and Rxoon- ele STHUCTOR, as ey supply in a condone: form the substances


J 6 Bicop and

2) SYsTu2M, when broken down by ovorwork, mental worry, diroase, excesses and indiscre-

tlons. They have a Srrcrrio: ACTION on

iy ep io Su:xuaL SysTmat of

I< pexboth inca and women, at te Re rostoring LOST VIGOR aud correcting all


EVERY MAS Hee eT keatoce is foes excroies, bots physical aud mental: Lt

Ets should take them.

EVERY Wor They cure all su

pressions ond ireularitios, which inevitably entail sickness whem Heocloct &* enonid take these Prix, ke Tosy will cure tho ro- aa fyouthmil bed hobits, and suengthen the syatom.


For sale by all dmincists, or will be sent upon feceipt of price (Uc. por box), by addressing

THE DE. WILLIAMS’ MED. CO. brockvitte,

Millinery Opening ! RED & 60'S


Grand display of Ladies’ | Hats and Bonnets, also Ger- mai Mantles, Jackets and. Dress Goods.

All are cordially invited.




Belleville Business College


Fhovld take them. Vhece Pmos will

Thursday Evening, October 1

The College office will be open at7 p. m. on Tuesday, 29th inst,, and Thursday, Octo- ber Ist., to enroll students.


Opposite the Bank of Montreal,


Nchool Books


Lanier s Paper Store,

A ugust 26th.



Daily Hutelligencer.




| Her Majesty's Governmont Naw Negotiat ing with the ¢ anadian Vaciflo Knailway with that Eod ta View—Russia’s Latest

Menneoe to Bagland

Lonpon, Oot. 1 The Imperial Wat Office has requested the Canadian Pacific Lo submit an estimate of cost of transferring troops betweon the Atlantic and Pacific. It value of the for this purpose towards tho close of If the trial is successful, the

ulopted as a regular

route tho


is intended to teat the

| year will be channel


The Hears Latest Growl

Sr. Peranasong Oct. 1 Lhe Noyoe Vromya, semi-ofli¢ial paper, declared: pitat unload Groat Britaifi wants war she ¢hould avoid interference with the “Russi Gov ernment on Pamir, where she will” only meet with a check if her claims are not sup ported by arma.


Why Russian Failed to Co-Operate,

Vienna, Oct. 1 A St, Petersburg cor- respondent telegraphs that the reason for Russia's declination to co-operate w ith the rest of the powers in calling China to ac- count for the recent outrages upon foreign- ors is that Russia doos not desire to strengthen England’s influence in Asia, and also because the Russian Government is of the opinion that the disturbed condition of China will assist in oxtendiig Russian com- moree in tho direction of the projected, Si- berian railways.

Killed Himself and nm Polloeman, MARSEILLES, Oct. 1,—A violent prisonor escaped from the hands of the police to-day

| by making an unéxpected attack Epos his

captors with a carving knife, Before ho could be recaptured he had been chased through the town and had killed one'police- man and cut himself so severely with a sword that he died, Besides, three police- men were dangerously injured.

A Sickening Sight,

Lonpon, Oct. 1.—The British steamer City of Lincoln, Steele, at Dandeo from Montreal, collided with the river wall and did considerable damage to it. The steamer herself sustained no damage, The City of Lincoln reports that she encountered seyore weather on the passage. On Sept. 25 she ran into a hurricane, The sea was running high and several heavy seas came aboard. Her cattle fittings on deck were smashed and many of the cattle in the deck pens were washed overboard. Others were kill- ed and a number were in ured. It is esti- mated that over a hundred head wore lost, There ate stilla few carcasses on board. Some of the injured cattle are in such 4 con- dition that it will bo necessary to kill them before they are taken from the steamer. The vessel presents a sickening sight.

An Insane Physician Polsons His Wife.

Berwin, Oct. 1.—Dr. Moritz Meyer, an eminent physician at Wiesbaden, recently developed an intense nervous irritation as the result of too close application to his busi- ness tasks. ‘To-day his trouble terminated in an insane attack, during which he poison- cd his wife and attempted to commit suicide,

A servant Senngiad with liim to prevent the self-murder and finally succeeded. Both Meyer and the seryant were slightly wound- ed in the strife. The doctor was taken to an asylum,

Chat from Over tho Sea,

There has been a sharp rise of 5s. in corn at Liverpool since last Saturday.

The British Government has decided not to call an uutumn session of Parliament.

The cantatrice Wilt, who recently com- mitted suicide at Vienna, left $200,000, mostly to charities.

In spite of repeated denials, a rumor is poraisiently circulated t6 the effect that the Russians have killed Capt. Younghusband in Pamir,

The settlement on the London Stock Exchange disclosed the fact that the shorts were badly cut. It is rumored four firms are in difficulties.

M. Ferry, in his St. Ide speech, said: Tho present state of affairsis unique in modern history. Vor 20 years we have not gazed upon a horizon so peaceable.

The Mendelssohns and Warschauers have formally withdrawn from the Russian loan agreement. The German oppositiou to the loan has greatly surprised Russia.

An eccentric south of France lady named Cabourm has left $1,600,000 to any French- man who penetrates further than any one has before in the wilds of Africa, with 500 or more compatriots, on the condition that one-half of the caravans return safely.

The Chinese Charge d’Affaires has in- formed M. Ribot, Minister of Foreign Affaira at Paris, that the Governor of Wuhu, where the recent outrages on foreigners were committed, has been dis- missed.

A Shanghai letter says that recently in

northern province of China, a native Jow, a banker, who had made a large for tune by lending money, pressed his debtors with too much severity. Because of this a mob of debtors killed the banker and 38 of his friends.

Returns received from the various ‘agri- cultural societies show that the total sum- mer and winter wheat crops of Germany amount to 18,407,740 double quintals, against 17,523,007 double quintals last year. The pea crop amounts to 3,371,749 double quintals, against 3,601,609 double quintals in 1890,

The great Forth Bridge in Scotland was yesterday thg scene of an accident by which three men lost their lives Three painters were blown from one end of the atructure and killed Their bodies, which fell a dis tance of 157 feet, were found in a mangled condition.

Tho installation of Dr. Dreyfus, the new chief rabbi of Franco, took Zadoch Kahn delive

he dwelt upon the

pl wo yostorda red an address, in which necessity of solidarity lL them 7 France, was the ernment that had granted them

and liberty.

among the Jews and urge to love

firat Gov civil rights

as the republic

Reports from fishing stations in South Ircland break down of the curing indugtry, which furnishes a supply to the Americ an markets This industry was lished a few years ago, It to the earnings of some Tho failure of the industry is duc packing and bad curing

It wid thatin the proyince af Sarg fioff, Russia, a marshal of tho nobility | with the president of tho Zee lent boxed hia ear

the pre

west indicate a camplet«

mackerel only estab ulded 8504 year 1,000 fi hormon to bad

re and into turther

5 nquirie robberies are impending


Olinton Olippings, a had for yoars boon troubled with dys- popala and olck headache and found but little reliof until 1 gob Bardock Blood Bitters which made a perfect cure, It is the best modicine I ovor used in my life,’ -fiattle Davis, Mary 5b., Clinton, Unt.


Dauvrorous \Countorfeits,

Counterfolts are always dangorous, more so that thoy always closely imirare Tus ORIGINAL IN APPEABANOE AND NAME. Tho romarkablo success achloved by Nasal Balm ana poaltive cure for Oatarrh ard Oold fn the head has induced unprinclpled parties to imitate it. The public aro cautloned nob to be docelved by nostrums imitating Nasal Balm in namo and appearance, boar: Ing gach namos as Nasal Oream, Nasa) Baleam, obo, Ask for Nasal Balm and do not take any imi.ation dwlors may urge apon you. For sale , all droggiets or sent post-paid on reco pb of price (600 and $1, )bynddrossing lor « Lo. Brook" ville, Onb.

Oould Scarcely See,

Mre. John Martin, of Montague Bridge, P.E.1., writes: ‘I was troubled last sum- mer with very bad hoadaches and constipa. tion und sometimes could scarcely see, Ono bottle of Bardock Blood Bitters made o complete cure of my case, and I wish you every success.

Dangers Of Delay,

If we wore allowad to lock in the future and seo the fatal consequences thot ‘ollow a neglect- ed cold, how different would our course be ; could we rea'ize our danger, how speedily we would seek a care; but with many it is only when the monster disease has fastened its fang® aa our lungs that we awaken to our folly. What follows a neglecte? cold? Is it not diseases of the threat and lungs, bronchitis, as hm ,con- sumption,and many other Gisenses of like nature. It is woree than madness to neglect a cold, and it is folly not to have scme good remedy avail- able fer this complaint. One of the most efhica- cious medicines for all diseases of the throat and lungs, is Bickle’s Anti-Ocnsumptive Syrup. This medicine is composed of several medicinal herbs, which exert a most wonderfal influence in curing consumption and other diseases of the lungs end chest, It promotes» free and easy expectoration, soothes irritation and drives the disease from the system.

Whon the Japanese hitch a horse ia the street they accomplish it by tying his fore- legs together.

Mr, H. B, McKinnon painter, Mount Albert, saya: “bast summer my system got impreg- nated with the lead and turpentine used in painting; my body was covered with scarlet spots as large as @ twenty five cent piece, aod T was in such a state that I could scarcely walk. I got a bottle of Northrop & Lyman'’s Vegetable Discovery, and at once commenced taking it in large doses, and before one-ha‘f the bottle was used there was not a spot to be seen, aud I never felt better in my life.’

A Ohinese newspaper published in San Franclaco has been sued for libel by an Indian.

Chronic Derangements of the Stomach, Liver and Blood, sre speedily 1emoved by the active prin- ciple of the ingredients entering into the oom- position of Parmelee’s Vegetable Pills, These Pills act specifically on the deranged organs, stimulating to action the dormant energies o the system, thereby removing dissase and. re- uewing life and vitality to the afflicted. In this Jies the great secret #f the popularity of Parmelee’s Vegetable Pills,

A railroad in the Argentine Republic has one stretch of 211 miles without a curve or bridge.

The most conclusive testimony, repeatedly laid before the public in the columns of the daily press, proyes that Dr, Thomas’ Kclcctric Oil—an absolutely pure combination of six of the ficest remedial oils in existence—remedies rheumatic pain, eraidcates affections of the throat and lunge, and cures piles, wounds, sores, lameness, tumore, burns, and injuries of horses and cattle,

Camel raising is said to afford the King of Italy much pleasure and profib.

Mother Graves’ Worm Exterminator has no equal for destroyiog worms in children and adults. See that you get the vesuino when purchasing, —_———————————

Ktallway Timo Tablos.

Grand Trunk BKallway.

Trains arriye at and dopart from Belle- t lo Station as follows : Gouna East, Arrive, Mail .,....+-++-11,00 a, m, Express ......-13.45 o, m, Express,,.....-12.45 p, m, Mixed......-.». 6.40 p, » GO scsveesee Goma West. Arrive, Mail ....s.++0++ 5.35 p, m, No. 4 Express......++ 3.45 a, m, No, 6 Express,,....-+ 7.00 a, m. No, 16 Mixed... ....+.-11.40 a, m, No.18 do sseseee++10,0) p, m, Note—No. 6 is cancelled Mondays, MIDLAND RAILWAY,

Leave. 11,05 a. m, 13,50 a, m. 12.60 p, m,

7.00 p, m. 6,00 a, m,

Leave. 5,40 p, mw. 8,50 a. m. 7.05 a. m.

12,05 p, m.

No 3

Going West. Mall...cccescececeerseeecs O:45 & Me Mixed... 2. cesceecveseeece 4:30 D. m

Going Bast, ( Arrive.) Mail... .cecevsts coeeeees Mixeod.....+ cesceceree ee


Going Worth, (Leave)

Mixed Mixed

Mixed. Mixed... BELLEVILLE AND BL DOBADO, Going North,

Leave Belleville.. «+++++++++4:30 p. m, Arrive El Dorado...+-+ .+--6:25 p m. Going South,

Leave El Dorado, .++-

Arrive Belleville. ..++++++-


Leayo G.T.R, Jot. ..+7:20 a.m, ArrivePioton,,..++ “4 eave Pioton.....++» 9:05 ‘* Arrive G.T.R. Jot..10:30 " Oo HILL DIVISION,

Train for Coe Hill 9:35 o.m., 12:30 p.m.; Trenton Junction 15m later; Mid, Ry. J’ot. 10:28 n.m. 3:23 p.m.; O. P, R, J’ot, 11 am.; 4:80 p.m.; ElDorndo 11:45 a.m, 5:15 p.m. Arr. Ooo Hill 1:30 p, m, 6:50 p.m. Ooo Hill Arr. Trenton; 6 a.m, 2.30 p.m.} ElDorado 7:45 a.m, 3:47 p.m.;_0,P.R. J’ot, 8:40 a.m, 4:30 p.m.; Mid. Ry, J’ot. 9:15 o.m. 4:57 p.m.; G. T, J’ot, 9:50 a.m, 6:30 p,m. arr Tronton 10:05 » w,

6:42 p.m,


tek POWDERED / 1007-% 5 C'S LAM,

L. ¥

PUREST, STRONCEST, BEST. ady oinany 1 ees t 4 I r F inking Bonap,

! pdred other

rue uw Water, Disinfect A can equals W pounds Bal hous Bold by All Grooer* and Drugglata,

WwW. GarLuLeT ss, Loromto-r

1, 1891,


con Breaking in isn't needed with the Ball corset, It’s easy from the start. Coils of tiny wire Springs in the sides make it so. ‘Try it, and you'll like it.

If you don’t, after a few weeks’ wear, just return it and get your money.


Brush & Co., Toronto.



A Special Announcement OY THE


has been prepared stating the details of the New OCuaris, Lanouatonies, WorksHors, Ar- PABATUS and other improvements, in ite several Departments of Civil, Mtning, Mechant. cal and DWDilectrics! Engineering and Practical Ohemistry, which will afford in the Session of 1891-2 advantages not hitherto accessible to students in this county,

Copies may be had on application to the un- dersigned, who can aleo supply detailed an houncements of the other faculties of the Uni- versity, viz.: Law, Medtotne, Arte, includ- wg the Donalda Oourse for women) and Veterinary Science.

J, W. BRAKENRIDGE, B. 0. L, Acting Secretary.

What Is wrong with your hair? Faded and getting grey 1 Haying dandroff E ; (\)Halr falling ont 1 Dr. Dorenwend’s

Ais the only sure cure,

Price $l per

bottle. Forsale by all druggists or by

“A. DORENWEND Sole Proprietor, Toronto.



A great boon to Ladies, Ourls » the bangs and crimps the hafr. Produces a light curl or loose fluffy hair, retains its effect fo a great length of time,adds lus- tre, life and beauty to the hair, Price 60c. For sale by all druggists, or by mail 10c extra.


10? & 104 Yonge St. Toronto, Can

“Am happy to say that results so far are as sa- tisfactory as I could ex- pect, indeed much more so than I did expect. I am enjoying excellent health, appetite good, sleep sweet and refresh-

ing, gainibg flesh; am Jess nervous than I have been for years; feel bright and bouyant * * * It is almost miracu- lous, making a young mon out of one of seventy, for thatis just Mentone treat- ment is doing for me. I wish the com- munity to know in as modest a way as we can get at it.”

The above is No. 54 in a collection of over 2,000 similar letters on file in our office. We havea

Positive Cure !

For LOST or FAILING VITALITY; General and NERVOUS DEBILITY; Weakness of Body and Mind, Effects of Errors or Excesses in Old or Young. How to enlarge and Strengthen WEAK, UNDEVELOPED ORGANS AND PARTS OF BODY. Absolvtcly un- failing HOME TREATME N'T—Dene- fits ina day. Men testify from 50 States and Foreign Countries. Write them. Descriptive Book, explanation and proofs muiled (scaled) free. Address


mere 7.27


Organlo Weaknem, Failing Memory,

Rnergy, Physical Decay, pomtively cured by Hazelion’s Vitaliser, Also Norvous Debility, Dimness of Bight, Low of Ambition, Unftness to Marry, Stunted Development, Loss of Power Pains In the J* 4, Night Emissions, Drain In Urine, Scminas Laawed, Sloopleasness, Aversion to Soolety, Unfit for Study, Kxoossive Indul- gonce, ota, oto, Every bottle yuarantoed. 20,000 sold yoarly. Addrose, ont dosing stamp for treatiw, J. % TAZELTON, Graduat Pharmac 808 “fonee St , Toronw, Ont.

Choice Roll and Creamery Butter


Grooors, Food and Seed Morchante,

Piso'a Remedy for Catarrh ts tho

Haaloat to Use and Cheapest,

Bold by druggists or sont by mall, ®e, E. T. Hascltino, Warren Pa., U, B.A.

scalding a single piece.

NO, 129

HE Way

TO save half the hard work of wash day —to save fuel soap time money too. The Surprise way without boiling or

A great many people do the

entire wash this way and save money, and always have the clothes in

fine condition. Why don’t you?

costs nothing to try. Ask for SURPRISE. READ


Bt. Croix Bosp Mfg. Co., Bt. Btephen, N.B.


And Digests Them In Some Way Not Un- derstood by the Doctors, |

A man with one of the most curious pro penaitios lives in Shelton, Conn.

Ile has acquired an appetite for live bull frogs, and swatows them with the same ease he would swallow the most dainty morsel that ever was cooked.

The man’s" name is John Stowe, and he ls employed by Austin Harris.

Stowe has been a resident of this place only afew years, but it was not until re- cently that the appetite for bull-frogs be- tame known.

| ;

One day within the week he laid a wager that he could swallow a frog alive and was


st once taken up. On Wednesday of last week the test was made ona bet of $1, five parties being present, The first one that was brought to him was too large to work down his throat, and he selected one from 4 ereek on the Harris farm small enough to go down. He placed thefrog head first in his mouth, shoved the remainder in with his fingers, and in an instant the amphibious animal was out of sight and probably jump- ing around in bis stomach.

Phe story ofthe feat soonspread, and within a fow days there was a number of doubting Thomases, who, notwithstanding the un- doubtedintegrity of the witnesses, did not be- lieve that Stewe would swallow a live frog af their selection. Stowe was willing to try the thing again, and winking, so to speak, to his friends, took ingther bet and appoint- ed the day. On Monday the second frog was swallowed, and the witnesses present were again astounded. Stowe is ready at any time to swallow a frog on a bet, and as the frogs are numerous at present, he scoops in lots of.dollars from worknien with whom he comes in contact. He says he does not feel any bad effects, as they are dead short- ly after landing in the’stomach.

The food, he says, is excellent, and people eat much worse things every day. ‘They are just'as good as tive oysters or live slams, of even live scallops, To physicians Stowe is a puzzle. They cannot understand how the stomach can retain the foreign matter, andare skeptical. They know that similar things have been taken into the stomach, ‘but usually at is followed by violent pains and cramps, which continue ontil it is removed, but Stowe’s stomach apparently retains frogs, and digests them, too, which is still more astonishing.


Upbraided for Attending a Soclal This Girl Took Strychnine,

WinntprG, Oct. 1,—KEllen Kerr, only daughter of Peter Kerr, farmer, residing eight miles south of Indian Head, commit: ted suicide while laboring under mental de- prone She was scolilod by her father or attending a social and took strychnine,

Polsoned Herself.

Kixestos, Oct. 1. Mrs. Samuel Meeter, aged 25, who was married 4 month ago to Samuel Meeter, a former resident of this city, committed suigide at Denver, Colorado, a few days ago/

A Policeman's Punishment,

Winssivec, Oct. 1.—William Emard was tried at Calgary for aiding, abetting and harboring Frederick Shoultz, who escaped from jail and was captured at Emard’s saloon, but was discharged. © Con- stable Jenkins, sentry at guard room when Shoultz escaped, was found guilty of mak- ing « false statement to Inspector Outhbert and sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with hard labor and dismissed from the force.

A Day of Acquittals,

Sarnrs, Oct, 1-—-At the assizes to-day William Kenny, charged with bribery, was found not guilty, the judge ordering such & verdict,

James Nicholson was acquitted of o charge of perjury by order of the judge,

The charge of perjury against James Mc- Cabo wns dismissed. The cage Siddel v. Yownship of Sarnia was settled, the defend- ant agreeing to dispose of tho water of which the plaintiff complained.

A Tug Captain Drowned,

Quensc, Oct, 1.— Capt, Cantin of the tug Flora got cntangled in the hawser as, it was paying off and was dragged overboard. All attempts to save the unfortunate cap- tain were useless. His body was recov- ered.

Alloged Imitation of Kansas Mothods

Brussets, Ont., Sept. 30.—Tho stage driver who carries the mail north to Wroxoter from Brussels and also carri® the Dominion Express reports having been sot upon by two robbers on the highway a fow miles south of Wroxeter, ‘The robbers seized him from behind and rangacked the oxpress hag, taking therefrom ao parcel con- taining $100.15. Ko trace of the robbers.

pale ae Se Seven Yours,

Connwaun, Oct le Joseph Morpeau, charged with committing rape on Elizabeth Butler, aged 13, of the tow nship of Cahr- lotteburgh, was found guilty at the assizes to-day and sentenced to seyen years’ in prisonment,

An ingenious advertising Gougo 18 to 90 found in Paris. Simall pointed paper baga, gomething like those grocers twist up, have been noticed on the payements. These, when opened, have been found to be hand- bills, HP h would never have attracted any notice unless curiosity had »rompted BOING body to look and see whether there could be any thing in these odd screws of paper

Africa is slowly but aurely passing from the control of the native rulors, It com:

11,000,000 equare inilos, of 8,600,000 are verneod by the Africans France O0,217 square miles; England, 1,900,445; Germany, l,- 035,720; Congo Free Stajo, 1,000,000; Por tual, 774,003; Italy, 360,000, and Spain, 210,000 While the share of France ta largest Kuyland’s is moat valuablk

An Austell, Ga, of the most wonderful squash of the ny Ilo lias beon planting the samo variety for tho past five yours with the unvarying re sult how ecomes up an ordinary looking aqjuaah vino, of the begol variaty. wa iteen a

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30 cases froit jars to open this morning. am only last-a day or two. ~ en the frult’s all put up we'll tell you something about our Lamp stock and Su- TEMA ape new fiche and fancy goods, e Intend to make the Lamp trade hi this fall and winter. ee





will be paid to the estate of any person meeting his or her death from falling while wearing .. t'*|> 9 P psa


JAS, LEGGAT, Patentee, Montreal.


RY Slabs and aoe Dollars cord for cash, at FRIEND ANDR: Wood Yard, West Belleville, enat side Ecoles coal yard, Remember, you get halfa cord for


1st Horse, 4 Prizes, $3000 Each. 2nd Horse, 4 Prizos, $9,000 Each. Srd Horse, 4 Prixes, 81000

$8,000 divided amonget other starters, 4 prizes Ll $8,000 divided gta mre 4 prizes

ickets numbered from 1 to 5,000, 125 Pian eabed: 4 bore each, Total prizes

ee GUARANTEED TO FILL Drawing Oct, 20th, KRaco 28th, Gro, Oanstake, Pror,, Meminttiaene, 622 St, James St., Montreal. N. B,—Two stamped envelopes must be en- closed with order for tickets—ono for reply and

mit of drawing. Oe os hester Handicap Nov, 28th, $10,000.


IN ALL THE WORLO THERE 16 BUT rClFiC. DR. HAINES’ GOLDEN SPECIFIC. It can be given Ip a cup of coffee or tea, 0: in articles ot food, Without the Knowledge the petieal, il péecesmary, It Navas.

k of particular free. alban apeare io JAR Resnne.

DO YOU PAINT ? Winsor & ‘Newton's

Oiland Water Colors, Canvas,

Drawing Papers, Brushes, ete., at


Front St,, Belleville,

Ce “* money, damage the orodit of the other pro A Ri 5 | ¢ y cP A } vineos.and of the whole Domluatlon If he > "3 | wants to play an ‘independent’ role, ho

should avold conduct that brings all Can-

. WMiedici nes | ada under the lash of Ce 6, and excites

tho ausploion of financiers, It ioa ludl

t Cure Admost Miraculous | crous yota pitlablo spoctacio, to seo & man When I aw? © Thad V owaggoring about his ‘independence’ and at atte ' \ TW a Saletce peta 7 “ns ame ful hls ‘rights’ whon tho shorill's officers are at had to wo on eruteln yor hater rofula 1 the form of white awelll appeared ou his hoola, If that cap ite Mr. Morcier he various parts of my body, aia for 1b years I sahwearit,! waa an Invalid, belong confined to my bed 6 year In that thie ten of cleven sores a] An Awtul Tragedy ' pounad and broke, oat ine great pain and

Thousande of lives have beon sacriliced,

I ' ware yover should got well stiterit Creare Er reboold gct'W thousands of homos mado dosolate by tho

* Purly ia 189) I went to Chicago to visita c iste A but was conflucd Cory bed mostof the fatal mistake of tho *’o!d achool” physicians, time T was there, [a July Tread a book, ‘A atill pornisted fi by eomo, notwithstanding Day with a Cireus,’ in which were statomeanis the light thrown upon the subject by mod

orn resdarch, that Consumption is inc urablo. It fs not. Consumption ts a scrofulous dis easo of tho lungs, and any remedy which strikes right at tho soat of tho ox mplalnd must and will cure 1b, Such oa remedy Is Dr. Piorco’s Medical Discovery. Lt lo a certain specific for all sorofulous complalnts. It was never known to fall if given a fair trial, and that is why tho manufacturers soll it undor a positive guarantee that If it doos not bonefit or cure, the monoy paid for it will bo refanded. Tho only lung remedy posdoared of such remarkable cura- tive properties as to warrant its makors in solling lt on trial / EBoonomy ;.‘ 100 Doses One Dollar,”

Merit : ** Peculiar to Itself.” Purity Hood's Sareaparilla,

of cures by Hood'sSansaparilla, Twas so tn pressed with the success of this medicine that I deeklod to try It, To my great geatifiemtion thesores soon decroased, and I began to feel better and in a short thie T was up and out of door. Teontinued to take Hood's Sar sapirilla for about a year when, having used kix bottles, Thad become so fully released from the disease (hat L went to work for tho Filnt & Walling Mf. Co., and since then WAYH NOT LOST A SINGLE DAY on account of sickiess, I hellove the discaso is expelled from: my system, Lalways feel woll, au in good spirits and have a jrood appetite, Lam now 27 yours of age and can walk as well as any ono, excejt Uiat one limb is a little shorter than the other, owlng to tho loxs of pove, and the sores formerly on my right log. To my fricids my recovery scons almost miraculous, and 1 Uiink Hood's Sarsaparilla is the king of modicines.” WILLIAM A. Luu, 0 N, Railroad St, Kendallville, Ind.



Bold by all drugestets, St; efx for Bs. Ire pared only by GC. 1. HOOD & CU, Apothocaric s, Lowell, Mass,

100 Boses One Dollar

News Condensed. Oholora Is raging in Obill, ALL AGES AND 2ONDITIONS of poople may uso National Pills without injury and with great benctid.

Baker won tho match for the checker championship of Amorica with a score of 5 to 0 and 20 draws,

A SINGLE SCKATCH may cause a festering sore. Victorla Carbolic Salvo rapidly hoals out, wounds, brulses, burns and all sores,

—Becauso her father scolded her, Ellen Kerr, a young girl living with her parents at Indian Head, took strychnine and dicd,

Purity oF INGKEDIENTS and accuracy of compounding, make Milburn’s Aromatlo Qainine Wido the orlterion of excellence.

Yesterday the City Council of Toronto voted the aum of $5,000 to the Scottish regiment being formed there, subject to special legislation.

—Her Majesty's cruiser **Opal,” bullt In 1875, at a cost of £102,826, has besn con- domned as unfit for furthor service, and has been ordered to be ao!d,

—Tho progress of golf In England is mar- vellous, and the game bids fair to find a foob- ing in every Eoglish town where a course of any kind can be found.

—A Texan jadgo has refueed to natural- iza a disciple of Herr Most on the ground that Socialism !s directly opposed to the constitution of the United States.

THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF NERVOUS DE- BILITy in men that ylold to the use of Oar ter’s lron Pills. Those who are troubled with neryous weakness, night aweats, eto,, should try them.

—The Dachees of Westminster is fond of cricket, and at a game played between two elevens of ladies, at her country place in Cheshire, she scored a remarkable success as a bowler.

DERANGEMENT OF THE LIVER, with con- atipation, injares the complexion, induse pimples, sallow skin. Remove che cause by using Carter's Little Liver Pills, Ono adose, Try them.

THEIR GENTLE ACTION AND GOOD effect on the system really make thema perfect little pill. They please those who uso them. Carter's Little Liver Pills may well be termed ‘Perfection.’

—There has been shipped by water from Saginaw river ports during the season to date the smailes) amount of lumberina score of years, belng 506,970,000 feet. The shipment of shingles was 60,100,000, and of lath 11,239,000.

{ —The reported riot in Guatemala on September 151s confirmed. I: has been temporarily suppressed, but President Barillss has 59 many cnemies, both domes- tio and foreign, that it is believed a general Insurrection will soon break out.

Drovers are traversing the parishes ad-