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PSX Example Mission



The planet has become overrun with Rock Monsters, slimy slugs, stinging scorpions and other possibly other dangerous enemies. The mining crew were forced to abandon their vehicles . It is your job to locate all the vehicles, so they can be teleported back to the ship when you have found them all. You will require 2 crystals per vehicle to teleport them back to the cargo ship. You have only have 5 minutes/per vehicle before the teleportation process starts.



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Open Area

Crystal Deposit

Dynamite Deposit

Soft rock (easily drillable)

Hard rock ( needs dynamite to blast it) Hidden Cavern (these may contain enemies)

The initial position of the Rock raider

The initial position of the Granite Grinder

The initial position of the Chrome Crusher

The initial position of the Small Mobile Laser Platform The initial position of the Small Digger

The initial position of the Small truck

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Game Play Solutions:

This level is mainly won by avoiding the enemies as much as possible as conflict may slow down your progress or if you do have to defend yourself, ensure that you are in one of the more powerful defensive vehicles (e.g. the small MLP) where conflict may save you time by taking shortcuts. In less defensive vehicles it may be advisable to leave the vehicle and use your freeze gun or pusher gun to immobilise the enemy. Beware, there will be hordes of enemies in the hidden caverns just waiting to attack.

Hints and Tips

1. 2. 3

Use the dynamite to blast away any hard rock deposits

Keep and eye on the countdown timer and vary your strategy accordingly

Decide whether conflict with an enemy will save more time and take into consideration whether your vehicle will be able to survive any damage.

Do not leave vehicles that you wish to use again, unattended for too long as they may be prone to enemy attack.

Collect nearby crystals as you progress, remember two crystals per vehicle.