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\ ‘his list cancels previous quotations.


4 Prices are for im- _ mediate shipment, f. 0. b. New York, terms to parties with established credit 114% 10 days, 60 days net, bags extra at

_ DISCLAIMER—We give no warranty, express or implied, as to the productiveness of any seeds or bulb we sell and

~ will not be in any way responsible for the crop. Our lia-

bility im all instances is limited to the purchase price of

the seeds.



All double Giant Fringed

Oz '%oz VYgoz. Amaranth Red ..$400.00 $103.00 $53.25 PemMiaswecs te%icer 400:00:'-103:00. 53.25 27.45 Gaioty~s al... 300.00. 90.00 46.50)! 23.75 Illumination .... 450.00 116.00 59.75 30.75 Mayflower ..... 450.00 116.00 59.75 30.75 Orchid Beauty ... 400.00 103.00 53.25 27.45 Rosy-Carmine .. 350.00 90.00 46.50 23.75 Silver Blue ..... 450.00 116.00 59.75 30.75 They Vein)... .. - 350.00 90.00 46.50 23.75 Dwarf Victorious Mixed ....... 350.00 90.00 46.50 23.75 Tall Triumphant Sy NUXSO Fics a . 200.00 51.50 26.55 13.70




Crosby's Egyptian Detroit Dark Red .

Detroit Perfected .......

Early Blood Turnip ... H Early Wonder ........ é GU DBO ce viele cide s,s slave k Extra Early Flat Egyptian Reaalslarela ay -43 POTtectomen DOtLONL srs .)t)s wie wiche‘sloisieto,ciee ele sleje 45

SWISS ductnsmr

Encullus: > *...<. -40 PARP OU Gg eck letes.aycscle caine 40

White Rib Dark Green . MANGEL OR FODDER BEET

DAaTISHSIMGEITUD, |... cao 's vole cc cee ces oe Paes Giant Half Sugar Green ............- Bake gees) Giant Half Sugar Rose .......+. 20 Golden Tankard ........ 25 Mammoth Long Red 25 Red Eckendorfer é 520 BUGaL, BECt sok ee ews e cle ccc escee “25 BROCCOLI - Calabrese, Regular Strain ........... BR ae I) Early Green Sprouting ......... ais erpaerere 95 BRUSSELS SPROUTS Long Island Improved .........-- a hsiee eis 1.00 Sd EES RSW Mleacl WM EAEby.«'c sales weaesstncsoe'ceee Sted KOO All Seasons .....-.-teeceeees releltiats Se eee, Charleston Wakefield .80 Copenhagen Market .... .80 Copenhagen Market early fa be ee .80 COPENHAGEN MARKET SPEC. ee Peat aL eoU

Danish Ballhead

Early Dwarf Flat Dutch . .80 Early Flat Dutch .......-- .80 Ferry’s Round Dutch ...... .80 Glory of. Enkhuizen ......-..-+.-.- .80 GLORY OF ENKHUIZEN SPEC. 1,30 Golden Acre 1... cence ees enc eceeceeres .80 GOLDEN KCRE SPEC. SEL. pcos 1.30 Jersey Wakefield ...-.eseseeeeeeecceencs .80 Late Flat Dutch ........-+. Phas ata Smeleeite .80 Penn State ......-eeeseeee Micrerstejaiees)ssavoe ela IZ

Stein’s Early Flat Dutch Pe alla wid uk we Wie 6) 076 Aes:

Succession ....+eeeeseeere pe deteeeees en 1280 Surehead 9 ...---se- WED treaties eipattte Boo


RED ACRE CHOICE IMPORTED ......... l. 65 Red Rock Mammoth ... 1.25


sir faleee rane of 8 cite ete

Risttainieees ssa. » ol 80 Drumhead Savoy ... ot

Long Island Imp. ....

SEEGolden \ACTC Gsieecsceecescccsscctevecs 1.10 Jersey Queen ......... OT FM ee Fea eee Bo | Marion Market (Choice) Wea avec siete dos Jay DELO Wisconsin All Meek cag SUE) Gisyai a wloiare)et ale e210 Wisconsin Ballhead . Watiaeteath tet Leow Wisconsin Globe ...... Rh aieite Mar LekO - Wisconsin Hollander Tete cialetae aisiaia’e\e ein bol U

CABBAGE CHINESE Site Ms Mivta's ays s win Mr tie aiates nee aight ee Wong Bok aa eee ntal) Be We SO Reais areal d, he GO Bor TBO. ccecicthe ccs ceivvictiesisceeverste cs 69 ie Ss

ys 0z. 1/320z. $27.45 $14.15

14.15 12.25 15.85 15.85 14.15 12.25 15.85 12.25

12.25 7.05

100 Ibs. Per Lb.


oy Tendergreen

CARDOON DAC OINOOLON «ce ciale-sthistsis. a, dic'ou dilate nit CARROT RAIA italy W cae wteinaia cacao nic d Gietele a Bice “OO Chantenay Long ...... ie niiate a syelee ovata oo eerneeu Chantenay Red Core ........ (eieweitaaas en)! Danvers .Helfioanaw ois se veisce qe ce oc eae -80 PEELELOX) Pile eicclcisvels baiereie ere als eye cise Riko ay OU Nanteshi tsa. .' A ana ae Seiste alerts piavereimele t AG RUGATUD Sint ceatereiery tere Ba maiBaateta’ divtata oc wo .80 CAULIFLOWER Autumn Giant bial?

Snowball Early. Eréarter 16° 3... Snowball Late

Giant Prague

Fondhooks . o/ns.u. Giant Pascal

Golden Plume Golden Self Blanching “dwart . ataie

Golden Self Blanching tall ............. 50

White Plume ..... ee Sistas Hae wtelas 5.0 380 SAS

Made burg: fra Getestsietes 5 esla cioveh als Coston eames oO CUCUMBER

Bir Oey COW te arte Saltese Beltrstsinie savelstevele a aisie’ds yeOD

Arlington (WhitesSpine) 62). eck seees ee cees 275

Black Diamonds taeaiatianetasicasdeiteey ars cicie is7D

Boston! Pichlavtcarsaeeceace Wiilewuaieaes ts. O

Chicago Rone pre Matsa aaersrvete nities t tejaterore ch ef O

Colorado es so titienek ws He el hes et}

Early Fortune ........ RSE, Biiains are rae Br hd

Imp... Long Green 265! sh ces on eattie sane ete 85

Marketer Naneiute CURR datarcaiscy aie lamted dlatelsrareves (00

lays (Greerit sce tilsar eats dice eee ena eke

SNTAIGIN Ty HIGH TW crisis tes eiid sia cckcareiotets FOr re.

White Spine Improved oF Sh Pe a FN danse cloner a EGG Suge

Black). Basiity, fe <cteiat coed wale Oe

Florida High Bush .

Long *Purple) gists .e. oe

New York Improved .........

Batavian Full Heart

Batavian Broadleaf Escarolle J ea hale tiie cin 65 Green Curled Ruffec .............. Bie. tte,, OO WVU CUTIOC wale cis sa bible a eyeyciatelete tse einai sO FENNEL Florence Fennel ............++. Sots a ahisie sO HERBS Sheil:

Basil-sweet Broad leaf .......+-+. 39 .60

OTAGO ~ gesccancnsce ABB ap HAG ate ae est) .60 Cardoons is issitis dslalalclelislefs's w riae nei ° .00 Catnip pats cckie tro! ee gs \a/e) s1s/s oN Ue ew OO W200 Sere age Bh SAB on eg en ciekcre .30 DHE AVS neets He, Se ee Honor Ett afeln ots Fennel Sweet ..seeeeeecereneeee Aes) .60 Horehound TO RTOCAL ER ae .60 1.50 Lavandula Vera .....-+.-+s ata ovale + ) OOhand oO Mignonette ...ssseee ere eeeeecs -30 50 Peppermint ....+-eeeeeeee ea westia 2.50 Purslane <........ Malviaisicrs NEA Grr 45 1.00 Roquette see eeecceeveece EI ae Rosemary = eee cecsscscese Bone hee te OO LOU Saffron Wir A velatera's lalejetaisieiehe lala.» alnis .35 GoTo (SIRI UIISCIC SIDODFA DIO’ DUS OOOO 21540 .85 SOPDGIN crstlaicisls sere Staats RPO Ret couse. .60 Spearmint ..... B Nic uidiovaleleva Se lersiale 2.50 TH V0 Wp sjslare see c cleraie oislel sie aivioverele 722604 91:50

KALE Dwarf Blue Siberian .........+--+. Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch ....... Dwarf Green Curled Scotch ...... KOHL RABI Early Purple Vienna .....++++++eeesseees 1.00 Early White Vienna ....---- ae sah gee telat Oe LEEK American Flag ....+-e+-seceeeestersecee 2.50 Carentan! (ic sthopnaccaree se bloe nee Moras @eO0 Elephant ....s-eeceessesccsscceres asineis LOD Musselburgh) ...---e+eeeee etre srelererst vees 62280 LETTUCE All Year Round ..... Sikaate ae Big Boston ; oa." Black Seeded Simpson ...-+--++++++- ae Early Curled Simpson ....----- aia eretale ase hGrand Rapids .....eceseserereeeresesee 2 Ailes Great Lakes ..ccocccceverccnwcns il isterekel at 2.60 Hubbard Market ....-.+-eeeeeeeeseserere oe TCQDETG sie cee so Sows cle civinn se gue clecnresce $a Imperial 847. ....-ccereserceeessnerers 4 eee May King ..----.er-sereree Sreasancalsis sreaidte apt Mignonette ...eeseeeeeererreereeeer ste : ae New York FE12 ...seesenceceseenenesees be New York 515 ...--eceeeeeesessscsesere nae Prizehead oe ee eee eee ee cere er eersees MR eico Salamander .sseereceeserecees ee! Rete, sfare a Tennis Ball B. S. ..seceeeeeeeseeceresess cs Unrivalled « ..ceccedeccsseseceeseseseses on White Boston ....+-esecseeseeecseesece ry as LETTUCE—Romaine Dark Green CoS ..seeseeeeeee alate 6 patele’s .80 White Paris ......-. CIA DY BE Para Ree 10) MANGEL—See Beet MUSKMELON Early Hackensack ....cseseceeeens AC Roms) Hale’s Best ....-eeseeeee REL te hiidacilee sa reroe Honey Dew Green a BE MGNE Noa tils ot! BO Ballack (yes es isis so vw see Ge spain anette’ a6 4 Hvlenssis) Rocky Ford Green Flesh ....++++++++++: .85 WATERMELON

Halberts Honey . .70 Kleckley Sweet .. .70 Stone Mountain .. Ba

Tom Watson ....


Chinese Broadleaf .......++-> Florida Broadleaf .... Fordhook Southern Giant Curled Southern Giant Curled long standing


weer cere sereroneseseresees


Holland grown stocks.


50 lbs. 100 lbs.



$58.00 76.00 51.00 63.00 33.00 58.00 51.00 68.00


Due to constant market fluctuations we

are not listing prices. Please write or wire

for current quotations.

Alsike Bent Grass

Kudzu Vine Kentucky Blue

Red Clover Alta Fescue

White Clover Chewings Fescue Alfalfa Creeping Red Fescue Birdsfoot Trefoil Red Top

Lespedeza sericea Rye Grass Lespedeza bicolor Timothy

Ask for Quantity Prices.

lbs. 5Q ONION tb. Lb, FAT WE la ely acts ot cide tare elas 2:10). * 1585. iapeen or Long Whitt Bunthing ..... 2.2 2.00 tain oa ial stash, 5p) 470) 0 iw Wiaiwes didi" e we" 2.25 2.00 : 2.00 White Portugal. 2.25 White Sweet Spanis 2.00 MAUOVr BOYES eis cicie'd ose bsg viola ve decine Yellow Globe Danvers 2.00 Yellow Sweet Spanish 2.00 PARSLEY Dita Grane oie owe cicis.lclwstelere'e oivis alle ga Rh AAS Hamburg Parsnip Rooted ..........ceeeee 205 MOSS a GUMS. c's olpinfalerce pickiest bok eseraeeg Acts) da ttn tal ra, aig aehites erlolvan Gn wiate Wie" Gee ae Saae les ok 200 PARSNIP PLOUG WER IOLOUIEN irs Sotertha"d sd ciele's 4,c°€ Siaieie vie eee 79 Guernsey ....... Widtarelarate Sie\aiy vg sel oleehaata .70 PEPPER Bell) or Bullnose ve Si ereaise caine ve Siiasp: seis tsa California @Wouder l.,s csi. Shaws Sed bare wre 3.00 Chinesd 2 Giaiity oi <\e<clee gece ee ietuisie shales w 3.00 Florida Giant) ..:..-.. Se fot sis SC age » 3.25 PimioNta=PSMaCHory”s wins sicissas oiarel gidiolels - 3.50 Ruby Giant ...... He wlete/siele‘slamicte tras elasie Oto ERY, IS ATICE YS co7e o/s ‘ale! che sharon ereld ke acae Arias 3.25 WiorldFBeaterd # s\.\S2005., gaiule ovtia te Se ae a7 é RADISH migntest Long) Scanlati\\cctaess vctivecteecte: oc \ China Winter Rose ..... le’oiataleleiWarotartcse’e i “6 oH) Crimson Giant cs sessiaes setts eviaip.<'d Baie wal HOG 36 Pronchebrenktast,./ sca scwcs cues occ 40e eSB Icicle ....... Lee serehNGis sR ATT. 38 ak 86 Scarlet Globe 1112222122! Bees aictiet OO SG Scarlet Globe Short Top ........... eRe Steer tm ah): SCARLET GLOBE SHORT TOPUIMP,) aissc6 -.45 43 Scarlet Turnip tS iD) vee euatenie toe niste ts a SB. 36 Sparkler ..... iiciae me Mee GREY urges White Strassburg ie sa lave Beyer ee te AD, : RHUBARB LINNGAGUGHP Sonera soca cia verano SOGUP are) 70 WAICTOUIGN Be rraatere lela anie cere wekret Boothe swore scO Ak) a BTOACIS aL A Szikje.0 ois/siy wlaieeiclaitne aeivinieste mia ete 0. SALSIFY Mammoth Sandwich Island!..... Bivroie siciche 1.65

Bloomsdale dark green +29 23 Bloomsdale longstanding +29 23 Bloomsdale Savoy ...... 25 23 Bloomsdale reselected .........ceeeeeeee 25 .23 Nobel Gia Fata eae aoc, rote eaters a .27 -25 Old Homan es wie cine «,cleisiccreiche cetera. fee ed W5) Varn Blightitosvs nce wales + tetiice com abelace .27 oe WaPo fl aaviy I peters are dere wie a ces orde tact Satara .25 -23 New Zealand (Domestic) ........ Se disheccie aoe ao .30 SQUASH Vegetable Marrow Green Bush ......... .60 Vegetable Marrow Green Vine ......... .60 Vegetable Marrow White Bush ......... .60 Vegetable Marrow White Vine .......... .60 SWISS CHARD—See Beet TOMATO

Bonny A DSA hsieievele's/sitis(tletcl slain at ale\ie'esiaisein oesOO

Break O'Day ..... +, 3.00 Chalk’s Early lek 2.50 Parliaria, wosts orieioes ste 3.00 6 °2:75 Golden Jubilee” ahaa eamlarele tstests acgha wale siete 3.50 Greater Baltimore ...........+-- eidasiv estes) 00M 240 POH Me Bbaerecicklncecccie cleats s aisle oes slo AOU RMartcobe \\” is ovamuslapteveies Ries ata e lat di fe woste tava Se LTR LO Marglobe. Select cic istee alveja' sree bis Saiealane sau s 2.50 2.40 * MARGLOBE CERTIFIED" Sree ehieleie casuals 3.00 2.90 NEwiaiStOue ue sheet sioeemes sate oabtoed has uicat keto) Lag Oxheart Goaileicic,cth's ches « Pade albtere Mtarels)svesa' sie 6.50 Pearsorss) crasiae viaieietes isi aVaig tr etatagy Miata a tasa eranele 6,00 Ponderosa ..... i Bip ne aeale Uetala alm Sa ioliiel ex 6.50 Pritchard tute starsat alseiesred alcters ovecia.els diotela ake ea

ERUAG ORS Pirem)< ssetuenietere sais hele ootate a eisVaveiare, evelete: 1.40 1.30 MULTE TS OQUOCTS fo qnik oie alam aioli che stemie.acce cle ele T7252 1.85 “RUTGERS (CERTIBIEDD $)s0' osha a. esac eth HOW ack Darl wMarczanouer sldelecwe « cele isieteleit cin e/sie cmste S20 SOMBIE eTargte ial clas civeccte.n «0s muigimiaye «Bre siete iste 6.00 SHOKGSCaLGHIM We niga et olel's, elolaleie tists lavesotale Gara « 2.10 Weailtart acprias ties 5:4 Sisleaipre cle ctefer stares, she-cas 3:00 = 2.75 Yellow Globe .......cseeee cesses ees eeees 3.50

* Suppliable in 14 lb. Bags at 20 cents per Ib. extra.

TURNIP AFA DSTMEHOMOU lalate ele huielsialelcialeja siesta sce FOU y ties 40 LOW OP MUM init oS aaicls cla ON hice cle etre bod m.aie oie 239 .30 Pomeranian White Globe .............. 30 .30 PRpISs 1 GO" Mila sy co caiis alee a antec oa eio ate: .30 -25 Purple Lop etiam Loaf, of .\c iwit)elsielele ie se .2o ey Purple Top White Globe .............. 1.80 .30 DIOCOrIY Mats net ce sisttah wre eais cams Wego release 33 .28 SNS Wiel prertrhe tole aie lash Siniale is Nioleie eolararsetese .40 mS {oh DIU MEISET Sr atayt oe sits Siwienvla otis pisieie ema silane my 40 35 Wiadite WEN a Ditch 2)0% ccalelsefetenicie cieis o0.¢ viese 40 .35 Vid team IST cina HSC siarete rs er cinle steulers ale'p eels Seip e 40 £35 RUTABAGA

Amerigan Purple, TOD. ceiver’. ess 1ds)s a)e ec i277, 22 Thonien TSlarsGy Alm sls aa aia lare ole /ele sa, 0's70)0, v:0)0eleie ay, (22 Purple Top Yellow Flesh .........-+000% .25 .20


eather Plant or Rosary Pea


double Rose or White double hybrids mixed

large fl. large fl.

Adonis aestivalis crimson (Summer Adonis) ....

Agapanthus umbellatus blue (African Lily)


mex. Blue Cap, very df. . Blue Perfection semi df. . Fairy Pink, soft-salmon rose . Purple Perfection . Dwarf white . tall Blue . tall White


coeli-rose Rose of Heaven coronaria, Rose Campion violet atrosanguinea dp. red .......-

Alstromeria aurantiaca Orange ....ecee ca rele na ele his es


argenteum, Yellow Tuft benthami, white, Sweet Alyssum ....... df. comp. Lilac Queen ........

mA aU Little Gem white .. Pe procumbens Carpet of Snow .. monianum yellow saxatile compactum Gold Dust alctalete sre tae saxatile Silver Queen

eee ene weces eee ere eeee


caudatus Love-lies-bleeding cruenthus, Princes Feather Joseph's Coat yellow green and red ... Molten Fire tricolor splendens .............. wiefeiainietere

Ammobium alatum lg. fl. white Immortelles ........






Ampelopsis —Boston Ivy—see Parthenocissus


capensis Blue: Bird % si. cece ccaeeces Reem italica (azurea) Lissadel gentian blue ... OpalliGtwHlue Nese se sere

Anemone coronaria Queen blue ........ssccceseee coronaria Queen scarlet ............06. F; coronaria St. Brigid dble. mixed ........ pulsatilla Lilac, or Violet blue ..each ito Swart mee sae ees sis aictelste

Anthemis Relwayis white eiiices ces Gace pate ainie eis Kelwayi yellow ........ Rareiinheietele seater


maximum W. R. Alaska white .......... Loveliness rose ....... Se'siaiesTeio " Yellow Giant ........ sfewinteenvele AUG MOTI HPAMTOL aioe deem acecsnee ceceheee majus grfl. mixed ....... Sv ae GAME siete .<

Aquilegia alpina blue caerulea Rose Queen White Queen Reale ctis canadensis old rose with yellow gay aki minis chrysantha Golden Columbine chrysantha Silver Queen clematiflora Crimson Star fj Dobbies Imperial lg. spurred hybrids - a long spurred hybrids Blue shades, Cop- per shades, Orange and scarlet shades, Pink shades, Rose shades, White or Yellow long spurred hybrids mixed ..........- : longissima pale yellow ..... Chase sowrabae Mrs. Scott Elliott’s hybrids .....ceceeces vulgaris double mixed vulgaris single mixed

ee eeeeee


alpina'lg. fl. rose ..... Sais sare a Onin ete, dale 6 alpina dwarf rose pink


Grandia Wesco ddersvescevatssdenvsevdevsce

Artemisia sacrorum viridis Summer Fir ........se0-


curassavica Blood Flower ....sececsesce tuberosa

ee eee eee







d 5.50 «+ 1.00 12.00

Oz. Aster American (Vick’s) Gt. Branching W. R., Azure blue, Crimson, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose or White -.....0.5..0. each .60 Mixed <8 Vetele is clots Staten ire: Ateiatuin s afadtetn store tames Pi) California Giants Apple Blossom, Azure blue, Crimson, Dark purple, Deep rose, Light purple, Rich pink or white ..ea. 1.20 California Giants Improved mixed ...... 1.00 crego Gts. Imp. (Ostrich Feather) W. R., Crimson, Lavender, Peach Blossom, Purple, Rose pink, Shell pink or White aide was bipleeis abide vialeletas wotenter ones OAs TU NUX6d i su ihistwn,cle ane loblele® aloiaceStarsteriatalcce sitet -50 Aubrieta deltoidea Bouganvillei dp. blue ......... 1.10 deltoidea. eyrii purple .......ceccccesee 1.20 deltoidea gracea light blue ............. 1.10 deltoidea leichtline dp. rose ............ 1.50 deltoidea purpurea dp. purple .......... 158 LY Whitewell Gem .......-eee0eee 1.50 Gt. Hybrids: mixed niin.) ade site Ares I eA

Baby’s Breath—see Gypsophila


Bachelor Button —see Centaurea Cyanus

Balloon Vine

Lovesn.a-Puth’ 7 tps. ath apie en oes .30 Balsam dble. flowering mixed . -40 single flowering mixed Baptisia AUBLTALISN OE adie toaiiete agin Ute rate cities sieves cine) Bartonia aurea golden yellow ....c.cccccccesecee 40 Bellis perennis dble. Longfellow or Snowball ea. .75 ‘*monstrosa Crimson, Rose, or! White! 2... Se ole she iwnte sieieistets.= asec 1.00 perennis dble. mixed ....... 0. -90 monstrosa tuberosa Etna red” ae > 100 Monterosa rose ,... 1.00 re es Bernina white ..... 1.00 Bignonia—see Campsis Blazing Star—see Liatris Blue Lace Flower—see Didiscus Bocconia COTCate—~%< oe au suis o's b'c%b e's clere’e olaa’s wblae’ oe e4O: Boltonia latisquama violet blue ......eeecececees 60 Boston Ivy—see Parthenocissus Brachycome iberidifolia Blue, Pink or White ......ea. .60 THixGCs oigiv ceise uislolaie cieteia pies see OO Browallia elata JblUGy Fan apaclsslciteclsclpw cis staleee ieee emaneO Cacalia Sonchifolia ‘auzantiaca tires s cle <ldcldalcicles © fds Calandrinia SPECIOSA Wis wieraisiars sain distetoelse el aeliiater sigieiaigle umbellatay. sje. \pelenisssisinaien de checlaieisisie cae aed U0 Calendula Ball’s Apricot : -30 Ball's Gold . 30 Ball's Orange .30 Chrysantha *(Sunshinene yellow .30 Lemon Queen ....... -30 Orange King ........ .30 Radio, quilled orange . 30 "Golden Beam, quilled yellow Soe aeaO Sensation (Campfire) .30 Shaggy Orange ..... «30 Yellow Colossal ........ 30 doublelimixe dine S. stare dsc eatenatcem trate ac o0 California Poppy —see Eschscholtzia Calla aethiopica Pearl of Stuttgart ............ .45 Calliopsis —see also Coreopsis Dr:Golden’ Crost™iccts03 cntinieaincmenes ea Dr. Golden Wave, pure yellow .. 30 Tall mixed ..... ho :t'bini se ie tata oratere o6) OF wrart "mixed (7%. si sc, cek ace ae via 200 Campanula annual Canterbury Bells mixed ......... .60 barbata’ DUE. WG is:.\s ncaa dd cee awe

carpatica blue or white ..............@a. .50 medium calycanthemum Cup and Saucer

Dark blue, Lilac, Rose or White....ea. - .60 medium calycanthemum ae o's vee eclow es WOO medium double mixed . ticheeecse® 200

cont ar Dark Blue. ‘Lilac, Rose pink or STO,’ sit oe se s eletets «/s'sists QROHAITAS medium, single mixed ........ AS persicifolia single white ...... 80

persicifolia double white ... pyramidalis Blue or White rotundifolia

speculum... mixed’ sock ¥sc ck cocaine

Campsis radicans, Trumpet Creeper ......ceecece








1.10 12.00

ee OudworudbhAuUUN ole tololollelalolale)


Oz. Candytuft Coronaria Gt. white hyacinth e reselect .30 gibraltaricag lilac oe 4 sempervirens white umbellata Crimson, Flesh _ pink, Lilac, Purple, Rose Cardinal, Rose pink or White ’...:2. atuisin ttt s net teen each .40 umbellata mixed ... us umbellata dwarf mixed ........:...4. Se, 40 Canna indica New Giant hybrids .............. -30

Canterbury Bells —see Campanula Cardiospermum —see Balloon Vine


Chabeud's Imp. Cardinal Red (Sparkler), Crimson (Nero), Deep rose, Flesh pink, Salmon rose (Legion of Honor), White (Jeanne Dionis), yellow (Marie Chabaud) or! Violet sancacetees nialetal sa\9/0 fialei soe Oe

Chabaud’s Imp. mixed

Enfant de Nice Pale pink, Red, Rose, Sal-

mon, Scarlet, Striped, Violet, White or j Yellow: coeeee sain ae eee ome each 5.00 Enfant” de - Nice “mixed. |. Sc sp slesiate satiate 3.25

Grenadin Black King, Cardinal Red, Gold- en Sun, Rose Queen, Snow White, Tri-

umph Pink or White Gold ........ each 1.20 Grenadin~ mixed ) sc cic vse « o'cie.elbt o/s beste Grenadin dwarf double scarlet ..... Pt mat 20) Marguerite mixed ii) ceislje.c cee bein 3 sites Se Marguerite Gt. Malmaison strain mixed.. 1.00 Carthamus

| tinctorius, Saffron Thistle ..... seeeee ‘fo oie Catanache CaeTulea White er. 02% ss cic cle e'alelslsie mae Sinema! Celosia Childsi Crimson, Pink or yellow ....each .45 crisfata, tall mixed, ”; ccc. secs oda ayeeotete 2 40 cristata,-“dwarf mixed) J... 0+ .sleeee 2 viele SED plumosa dwarf Fiery Feather ........... «50 plumosa dwarf Golden Feather ......... .50 Plumosa. -Flame. ‘of Fire ') 3.) Amoene seen .60 plumosa tall mixed .oJ.useeuemene Ree eis! 5) Centaurea | americana Basket Flower, Soft lilac or

White ~ sich ib ois oie olen c.s0k tislejnunrele teres candidissima i... 2..5 se civic #0518 sje ete ee cyanus double Blue Boy, “Maroon, mauve,

pink, red, rose, ruby or white......ea. .30 cyanus double mixed ............ apristies, Ac! cyanus double dwart Jubilee-Gem ...... .45

“/ ‘SUilac » Lady” i ace cane gymnocarpa rose Dusty Miller .......... .45 imperialis ‘mixed .\.:)siecidic tisis ore-e acl eee montana blue Mt. Bluet ...... seceseeees 200 moschata mixed, Sweet Sultan ....3..... .45 suaveolens yellow Hisicte ete sts tet 01 Gone to eae Cerastinum Biebersteinii <white siic.se. ccs sp cc ewaleeenel tomentOstam .'sic0 we cta'sie clu oie aicievels eyaie te tatain ate Cheiranthus allioni Siberian Wallflower ............. .30 Chrysanthemum carinatum single mixed! 3), ..csccssctecemou coronarium White, Yellow .......... each _ .30 indicum dble. early fl. mixed ..... oie Sater indicum sgle. ely. fl. mixed ............ 2.15 leucanthemum Alaska’ ssc dere chee a:ctellelebaliaanae Conqueror” §2..\.s2 vio oeee 4 Giant double white cjaerelenal oO) e Mayqueen (Spring y #3 Marguerite)’. ic). ..csehieenen) me Shasta Daisy 1... +s sjeiseeees ys Westralia s.5/0 0s ccckee eae Clarkia elegans ‘double mixed .......cccscccssse 40 Cleome IMtOAtY Gia siaecisis om miele tleicieleletateie’e ad Sraratele nnmmnEE pungens Pink Queeni .\. sid cwe.s cewelclceeieumnenn Coixis lachry mae). + versistelestss elvis cletele icin clahantannanere Coleus hybridus IMIG <5 cove’ we ctatetewie ccs aieicie.e 4 ae nGall (laciniatus) salcifolius ......... 4.00 Collinsia . verna, Blue Eyed Mary mixed .......... .80 Convolvulus—see also Ipomoea Crimson Ramblor/ ies sores cwisioet oeice nano

imperialis 6’ Giants mixed colors ....... .40 major (purpurea) mixed ......sssceceees


australis, Green Dracena ...ccceececseees indiviea, BlkeyDracena> jcc sadsseesceesalean

Coreopsis lanceolata Heys £1. YELLOW Veree cisle o:a:0 weicie wae ayfield Giants ... ate mca eS Sunburst dble. golden ...... .40 Cosmos ely. fl. Orangé? Flare i isp acwien Chane ss sae * Orange FRuilles: wcetedy ssn eave ee seO "Sensation Crimson, Pink, Radiance ent. White zatetederehoeee AS ely. fl Sensation mixed .. 35

Mammoth, ‘mixed ja cetsciaecodvcuss WkCO

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Flower Seed. For Immediate Delivery—Continued

Oz. Crucianella Stylosa bright, puUTple) wi. sede cess ice Niet) Cuphea miniata Fire Fly ...... PAR TeattN = chaik'claiplic'etel« 1.20 Cupressus ee BeT IIIS Eat a rciaivi eisia aaivisiese avis eleje «ae via>) eS Cynoglossum samabile Blue SPolamictaiciais stalls vol sisieip «0710 30 Bertie Surticiern e'e'ol4.e siete i a's a ace. o Silaie! ued 4 ars Firmament Deep blue. 235 DPI WENIO! « 5)0)0'cs ae siale'scse bielescisie oe) 30 Cypress Vine fweawomocht, scarlet .....0...teees 1 Oars (8, I, quomoclit mixed ..... gee oO) I. sloteri, Cardinal Climber 20... ; 50 Dahlia Coltness hybrids single mixed .......... .60 Mignon dwarf mixed ...........6. Rowley OU Unwins Dwarf hybrids mixed .......... .59 ariabilis double mixed ...........2.++. 80 Srameabise single mixed .:.......sccceees 45 Datura fastulosa dble. violet or white ......each .50 Delphinium Belladonna light blue Suoobee rondo nge om ee Clivedon Beauty. .90 “5 S Improved ...... 1.80 Bellamosum dark blue ................. -90 Blackmore & peoudon hybrids mixed RGrs Pea) dinale Seieeaniteasiste ces Le20 Chinensis df.” Butterfly BIW" dete ve cs slisc eeu, 00 EIWVATE WHITONip-e siete cine cclaiccices), s00 ye ROUCIATIC (DIUG) wee sjacicwisccinees, 300 ‘" Cambridge Blue ........ .59 REENTITION Ws crccichiseissicjeaiwees. 00 MEPIOGETUTA CD. DIUC: s. 6:0. csccies ceeccicce .80 Gold Medal hybrids mixed ............. .75 CGE) fs ens « erste ieinie antes oh Pale soRenatis, en OO, IMI IEE Sa eis iyccisiciais ie ebiecisleccias.eees, 1.00 MEIERIOMEGOTIOt. csc ccscseccsccesdacee 1.00 Pacific Giant hybrids mixed ............ 2.75 Wrexham (Hollyhock fl.) mixed ........ 2.15 Dianthus PPRPIEUON TIS ooo ce cic sme ciscsacecscccece 120 barbatus—see Sweet William chinensis MOUDIORIIXEG cccievicccleicivc vise 1-00 Eimer mixed Novevcsccicevcece s30 deltoides rose Maiden Pink ............. 1.40 erecta red ........ SOR OAL Gone ala} heddensis Westwood Beauty ES Nceeubasks sOU. heddewigi dble. mixed ................ .90 y single Risaa Rie dinleietei ste c'sinikie, |) 540) plumarius double mixed ................ .90 plumarius single mixed ........... Sate «SO plumarius double mixed, Grass Pink .... .90 an semperflorens dble. mixed .... 1.10 single mixed ...... .45 Sweet Wivelsfield double mixed ........ .60 single mixed .-..... .55 Dicentra Eel alelcis psir'sie.e clelececicccice cojsicve'e: Lead Dictamnus TOMEI! o eicetiscecccescceccesvieces <070 Didiscus Coeruleus Meileiaieis!slalsle’aje.s'e.sie'e.t'nsie.cleie esfom OO Digitalis Bucminactiora Ig. fl. purple .....e0.ses00 9-05. Gomimdetlora Iq. fl. TOS@ ....,cccccoceccce 00 es etn The) ORITIGy*.5.5eas00 «50 nf ALLIS Sane tavenisaisielg 00 ie BP ANOEKOG 122-0 ays ceisieteree \\<40 PUPPIEIERCET AMEN Tao) 50.0.8 sie vis'cic 5. a0's'6 v0.0 5,c'c cincice 390 Dimorphoteca aurantiaca EILOTICSO i aieieva(a ele 486 57510 c's.niu ela e laa) (fs 60 hybrids sista laier ote) ate. alate cop olefeiinl WO: Dracena —see Crrdyline Echinops RETECMMITAGIODM elvis.» sip si, clcisfdleTuisie sie's\e'es cie'o's sis, 200 sphaerocephalus .... : 55

yellow orange bronze “hybrids” mahtenieeatae POs)


mixed California Poppy ......seecceseees 130 Eulalia : MUSCAHIHUATTODONICH,, = cc kidele oss sipeaccs'asaie vedo Euphorbia , heterophylla “Lssoccccssscccceseccessece 00 VATIOGata tows catecencacdecssicactinccsscdee 1640 Gaillardia

lors . Mop Burqundyuenciy eevee seals eees fie70 4 HE Daz Zar cccttis « Waele daisies siete Necks -70 ig. tL) Goblin) Gace se ew aden aadatigmsciane ce 079 Ig. fl. Portola hybridS ..ssecccecveccees «00 Ug. fl. mixed .cececcccceceececeescsvees 00 Geum

atrosanguineum dble. scarlet .......... 1.00 Lady) ‘Stratheden fi... cca ccesecencsuvens Mrs, Bradshaw double scarlet ........... 1









1.60 4.50



Oz. Globe De FERIA am Tete dis dln, Aatistehaas «ey Mere amis ¢ 30 Godetia Shamini tall upright double mixed ...... .45 single mixed ..... .40 Gourds small seeded mixed, Ornamental ........ .30 Gypsophila elegans \carminGa: ».\i. weiss esdce bs ove valee 30 elegans London Market, lg. fl. white .... .30 SOAP ANOS whol shee wiciace teleaeld s «.clbidte Ke x oe 30. MANS a roe ) Dine ae alt a Sele des .60 aT ace cra aeiale sisi Paaete e Maveceiticte’s cee BSS) paniculata OSes WHHOA <jccuem ce cecces 1.00 Single White vs Geis,ces enidie ge .30 POPONE WALL) LOSO v's\ceies « ciet 0 elelasiecoee/etets .70 PODSTS AWAKE. WG isle oc coeels oecaien cee ie Helenium bigelovii brownish yellow ............. 4.00 Roppestt< yollow?' ldscsscacaccce sdocwe bees .50 Helianthemum miutabile Sun Rose". ) ou cisis ceip afers.s's o's e'0a.s .55 Helianthus —see Sunflower Helichrysum Monstrosum dble. Bright yellow, Bronze, Dark brown, Deep red, Pink, Scarlet, Violet ANG Witte’ His irc seias da vimstele Bite oO) AowubIS emiXGd micwleels biecneteeten c40: Heliopsis picheriana Golden Yellow......... Gian Fea Heliotropium King of the Blacks ..... 1.00 lOMMOMOSWUUKEAN Midst rsce lees alee steele wcrc e | LOU Helleborus RODS pitars a ialatdieic sis/svisia eters civiels's eictataielhie ore niger, ‘Christmas Rose. ..c..ccscevcsccess) 60 Hesperis . matronalis Purple or White ......... each .40 Heuchera sanguinea CYUNGSONG ip tesa aretigiestes. 3 Ra tere es 12.00 oe splendens dp. crimson ........ 4.50 re Hybridsh mixea hk. Ii so foc e os ein 15.00 Hibiscus Ciatite fle TIKOC tteersia'e ciclels\a\cleveaie eminaapiene, ALO Hollyhock Chater’s double Black, Blush, Carmine red, Corfman Pink, Lilac, Maroon, Rose pink, Newport Pink, Garnet red, Golden Yellow, Rose, Red salmon, Salmon pink, Scarlet, Sunset, White or Yellow each 1.00 Chater’s double) mixed "<2. 02 eced ened -90 Indian Spring single annual ............ .50 doublet mixed tas ick stele «aie Soriordeaoicn rel’) BINGO; MOMs craters iciaisiete c'uln sisters sigisibiecity 340) Triumph dble. waved & fringed mixed. nee ea) Hyoscyamus HiGor HONbaANG llvise sls Bree clbcdiv ccc cticiesicgees sO Ipomoea —see also Convolvulus Ona Ox matacla.6sdie cela ise wisieulele sidievoeere tea diac ieaverilys | DWIG 0.2.5 tar ols Plo dieters dale eros «35 noctiflora W. S. Moonflower ............ .30 Rect VemCrntOa esa visie ne cieicleie oe elvialeiisieie sieieleie) ) 4s40 DCATIOH WBC TIALAun resisters sleeve estat mereetslersta a cO Iris GOLINORICAM Die slaleittehacisic’ed os sieleicleic « ciutscteonns0U. Kochia Childatiiarshicnss cise sea sibccesavhe¥eecedel sees

Kudzu Vine —see Pueraria thunbergiana


OIG, SIRO Dale ns 5 ale nie aia son also divielw prorat’ .50


Gt. Imperial: Blue Bell, Blue Spire, Car- mine King, Daintiness, cate pink, Lilac Spire, Los Angeles pi: Miss Cal- ifornia, Pink Perfection, Purple, Sweet Lavender or White King ..... «-. each .45

GHRpUsIDOTIAL TUITE seleisve cle 'a/e.ciete niulslatareten 1 a40

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Lathyrus ,

latifolius Pink, Red or White .......each .90

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pycnostachya purple, rubbed seed ...... .90

spicata blue rubbed seed ..ccecccccecce . 009

Linaria dalmatica bright yellow ..........++-++. 1.00

maroccana Excelsior hybrids mixed 30 nid Fairy Bouquet 40

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Oz. Linum PA URTETED CaDLCetl: DUNE, \.'. vias a ale 80/0 e800 « oats .70 flavum compactum golden yellow ...... 1.40 Bril, Mb TunmyeoCorlet) Flax: '\\, sc see svles «cists perenne Blue or White ............. each .30 Lobelia GOCCUIOITAT Tb atsiete's cis ciaie.s's e's o's d's etd waieae a 2.15 Sere eraCeie) | UTE Se saielg use ossieraslae bere 5 Brinws Cambridge’ Blue <.... swlenese v8 os 1.50 erinus Crystal Palace compact .......... 1.10 erinus Emperor William, blue ........... 1.00 Lunaria biennis purple or white ............ each .40 Lupinus annual small seeded mixed ............ Hartwegi Gt. King blue, rosy purple, sky BGS SOR IIS [Siew alte bho onic 6. eae each .30 Hartweon iets Rind. mixed G.cviccincccves cae we polyphyllus atroviolacea .00 IDFR Pande eae Fe) 3 ihe alae “45 Meer E OSCE « 5, Oh reisicniae siete 40 f anne hybrids mixed .40 oe SaAlmMmOneus, pops. seheccs 45 £4 Sunshine AS V white iets 40 a yellow .50 4 TOK OC Pon ciereceieiere 230. subcarnosus, Texas Blue. Bonnet BP Pe .30 Lychnis ALDINE OHO [atslataaaterctatel a. oy evel atetet ciate laiors: alaiete 1.80 AT WiTCI Lia LIAO CI Bele)eletalniclelo slolfe aie’ s wisietalsl«/s .85 | chalcedonica scarlet, Maltese Cross 40 Haageana hybrids ........ picimalare alpta SOC PAY viscaria splendens rose ... settee eeeeees -40 Lythrum Salicarial UIplO yeeiclnsc celaiecs sls wcais eis siee? LOO Malope FAT NCIC Ved SeLT GS Cliretatete ie ave aie sl aiaio, «ictelers iste’ sia Marigold african df. Chrysanthemum fl. eolege BOOGE rami lanialele.ais'alsie (ste ajaloia g's clwisleieie sais) african df. Chrysanthemum fl. “Limelight: . sks Pot of Gold ..... alelgie tat tas re; BLOO a Pe ICOUDIOW MUXOG) fe cclac cle esipieia sie 00 african tall All Double lemon ........... .60 a “by ie OVANGE ~ apasdemacer) 00 ¥ “Burpee Gold Imp. ...... #45 He sue TOW IT ROL) (GOI) Sie state aicrerscieree 1 240) we Hale DAXI OM SULSHIIO pis'sic occ ctule «ci <00 os cue (Galaxie Goldsmith, welejasslaieercre of .80 oo e! es Yellowstone ......... .80 a “Guinea ‘Gold \.8s 2. seieencem sOO v ‘' Lemon Queen ......... +59 if “Orange King .. 55 We “Sunset Giants . sD v# ‘' Yellow Supreme . .35 cu "double mixed ... .30 french dwarf Harmony ...... -30 es 2 Ye hybrids" -30 yr Royal Sots .osisies-sie -50 we Ve Sets heMsaie -40 sd "double mixed .30 uy tall Lieb’s Winter fl. 55 ce double mixed 45 Matricaria capensis dble. white Feverfew ......... 22 eximea dble. df. Bee tale Ball i sismenaccs ss 1020 tt Lemon) (Bally sjealaree cvare osyel C20 Matthiola bicornis lilac, Evening Stock ........... .30 Meconopsis baileyi sky, Blue Giscicccuscccicceccctocacus 4.00 Mesembryanthemum fombanbdtorybbocte O saeetinny Sy ir} aiatelstsYs,s ah) wares alae Aloe af) Mignonette CTIMBOTIN GUA E Majer eelele alalels aia elscis/giaiec cia ters 30 WOSACAWINITEC Fle leie elelclereieiein'e ie woe diclats e.a'6 Mimosa pudica, Sensitive Plant ......ceeeceeeese 60 Mimulus INGECHATUS Ne Monisat cm Sew shabd cach eaten te BS tigrinus yellow) spotted 5.2.0. seadecccee 280




jalapa mixed


balsamea (Balsam Apple) ..........ee00. KR charantia (Balsam Pear) ......ceccsecace ai LOO Monarda

PIBLGIOSAME Vir slevtelt vic cists e See.ocse eae dncies cele’ 2100 menthaefolia ...... dais Sle's/s Sipieeiee kv.s'e-0 oor a.gU











Morning Glory—see Convolvulus & Ipomoea

Myosotis alpesiris PU adie habtton chases. heehee y el wad Blues Ball oo iwasiecc cu ca ccasene «. 1.50 oe indigo blue (Royal Blue) . Are Rae c. ui Messidor blue late fl. ......... .65 ! ee) Ele dinidiuwin'e GM aisinie.s'u.o 4 a.ei) .60 RA WRG dances cate oe esueaveoseivge © OOO As pte indigo .BlUG: ssccrescsvee .90 a POHUStA D1lue 2s cece ccecvees 75 4. Victoria G¥e DING “stressed ea tees d [L+00 a indigo blue ...... 1.50

Flower Seed For Immediate Delivery—Continued

Oz. Lb. Oz. Nasturtium Poppy gtk ny i eoascass 1.00 | nudicaule double mixed ....... Saale abpints bos at ae sep Bet Se VRID ST & : 1.00'| nudicale Gartford Giants mixed ........ 1.25 df. me eal Ce te pad ease te .75 - Sanford hybrids mixed ........ 1.40 se ¢ on PETS ae: Rie tee 70 4 The Emperor orange ...+...... 1.10 be aed ae gd TT csleveeses -90 a Unwins Giant Coonara ........ 1.00 Golden Gleam Seentis ee enoene tee ae 95 “single white .......++.- seseeee 670 Moon Gleam ......+++-++ eeeeeee de segece 1.00 i mixed seeeeeeeeeeereeers 65 Sai haoloarh gee ey etn oN 1.00 } Shirley double mixed .......seseeeeeees Seatlel Webi onal oe ences tae 1.00] single Legion of Honor ....... .40 ee af Single Mixed 2... .cccccvoccccese emisia N ; x 1.25. 16.00 Portulaca compacta Fire King ..ccceereeee a Soe : uh compacta Triumph mixed ......ceeceens .- 1.00 12.00 | double mixed bebe beeen eee ee eeeeeen eee of SiTUTMNOSA MIKE .iecetcrvicceccescccvcee 90) 10,00 [single mixed (i... sich ale sc cwvels 65s s ce slebial weUU Nemophila Potentilla insignis Blue, White or mixed .....+..@a. 1.10 | warrensi ‘yellow “i.t.ccccsescuvecsdectess 1.00 Nepeta Primula Mussinii violet ...ccsececccecceccceseees 200 9.00] polyantha red or yellow ...........each 1.40 Nicotiana Pueraria affinis’ WhitO” ss cclcoccgecwecdecnecdvess, 40, 02.200 thunbergiana,,kRuazu, Vilieiotces sd eawienes te Ge affinis hybrids ......... SoSecle Cota ele walee teed. a e000. sandrae Crimson King ccseossecccccesese 40 2.85 Pyre wv roseum double mixed ......seeecesesnce 1.40 Nierembergia "single atrosanguineum .......... .90 Hipoonianica uae. oni ciss cals sie Gisisle selcesics a eelLerOO i 4 James Kelway dp. crimson 1.10 Purple Robe. .ce.sccecsene Neiste ie stelelelnde'e'o LOLO0 + u pinks"). Met See eae aD hid of! WIG) Piate-aisip eis sibeceevele’e peseake (OU) roseum' single mix6d) 2. «.<cs t cele satcaiclas selinesO Nigella damascena dble. Miss Jekyll blue or White erste cjstes ecosesitee ooelee eeassaOas .90 | Ranunculus asiaticus superbissima mixed ........... .75 Oenothera Rici lamarkiana lg. yellow Evening Primrose 1.00 | HiCInUuSs Castor Oil Beans mixed ...scecccccccrcecs Pansy Trimardeau Giants mixed .............. 1.10 14.00 Rudbeckia Swiss Giants Alpenglow .....++.+++- +++ 2.75 40.00] Kelvedon Star .......... Mestelelslyeee cette .60 " Bm Berna) .eeosecccceeceee 2/9 40.00} My Joy Giant orange yellow ..........- .60 ts ni Blue Adria, marine blue 2.75 40.00] Purpurea ...........0.0- cia MO ale 60 f ! Blumlisalp rose ........ 3.40 50.00 x Hd Coronation Gold ....... 3.10 45.00 by - a Hota Flamer. tee soe oe 2.75 40.00 | Salpiglossis ”" Jungfrau, pure white ... 2.75 40.00| Emperor mixed ...ccccccccccvcccscscses -50 ze u Lake of Thun, Swiss blue 2.75 40,00 | gloxinaeflora mixed ......cccceseeseeeee «D0 pe ta Luna (Moonlight) ....... 2.75 40.00 sf i Orange apricot ....-...- 3.10 45.00 . Rhinegold -...0..s0046. 2.75 40.00 | Salvia id <i Silverbride ........... 2.75 40.00 | farinacea Mealycup Sage ........eee0e+- 1.10 ME Winered fies sjncce ney e's (ae20\) 40,00 | PrActonsis ian. cis cleats sels masitne vtsicaston TOU m WH MIZE) isos Solcoveaciceiew 2.40, -G0,00)} splondens,, UL 'S.) As Grown ac clalsisnts nek caemecy i + Dwarf mixed .......... 2.75 40.00 a American UW. She Aso vice vsecheate 258 + Blaze of Fire U. S. A. ....... 2.15 ; Me Bontire U. SHAs seccecsereeeasa0 Parthenocissus ee Zurich ‘G, \SeAN cba ae toned oe quinquefolia, Virginia Creeper ......... .30 1.20 i i , Bost I bietblosiabicielnsisieiviele sO aNtL aU - tricuspidata, ston Ivy Scabiosa annual varieties mixed .,....cccesceeeee +30 Passiflora caucasica Goldingensis lg. fl. dp. blue.. 1.20 GACTIIIONTS Go iesniie's cials'cre selcteiece Heisei ae se NLSLU LL acOU " House) Hybrids ".).sc wplecwess ands 50 GAWUS. aja welelein fbsle ot ,t)o.ciars nip asiinie gis! siaine - 1.00 12.00 iv lilac (Lavender Blue) ........ 1.50 SS Perfecta Ig. fringed lilac ..... 1.50 Hd White jiiswaese sp bccbisc mene renleon Pelargonium 1) © Aanized celetlens Cate men eee ee eee TSO 1 Ae cis e150. 20:00'| Columbariay lavender) ciciivestee anette kan pester >” Siam ae een eS oo” Dipeial aete Raare iss anes earn